Family Day 2008 - Be a STAR!

7 Secrets to Successful Family Dinners

1. Start the pattern of family dinners when children are young
2. Encourage your children to create menu ideas and participate in meal preparation
3. Turn off the TV and let your answering machine answer calls during dinnertime
4. Talk about what happened in everyone’s day: school, work, extracurricular activities or current events
5. Establish a routine to start and end each meal.  Light candles or tell a story
6. After dinner play a board game or serve dessert to encourage the family to continue the conversation
7. Keep conversation positive and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak





By becoming a Family Day STAR you are uniting with parents all across the country who agree that the parental engagement fostered around the dinner table makes a difference in the lives of their kids!

I pledge to be a Family Day STAR who:

S- Spends time with my kids by having dinner together
T- Talks to them about their friends, interests and the dangers of drugs and alcohol
A- Answers their questions and listens to what they say
R- Recognizes that I
 have the power to help keep my kids substance-free!


Will you pledge to be a Family Day STAR?
Contact Angela Parms with your name and contact information(email)


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