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Observed in late October, Red Ribbon Week is part of a National Awareness Campaign to educate the public about alcohol and other drugs. Red ribbons are worn or otherwise displayed as a symbol of commitment to building a safe and healthy community. Media appearances, entertainment, agency displays, a youth essay contest and art displays are strategies employed during this week to reach the population at large.

Other campaigns are conducted throughout the year focusing on areas such as: In September - Treatment; In April - Underage Drinking; In December - Impaired Driving. For more information please e-mail:


The Coalition's Clearinghouse consists of the following components:

Resource Center- The Resource Center houses information related to alcohol and other drugs (AOD). Among other things, this includes a comprehensive prevention library. The Clearinghouse is a major resource for local, state and national statistics. The Resource Center is open for public use during normal business hours.

Referral- The Clearinghouse contains information about area resources. People seeking help or information are referred to the appropriate community resource.

A "Community Alcohol and Other Drug Information Resource Guide" is available through the Clearinghouse. For more information please e-mail


Assistance is provided to neighborhood associations and other grassroots organizations in order to help people develop skills needed to solve and prevent alcohol and other drug problems in their communities. Though targeted to disadvantaged areas, this service is available to anyone requesting it. For more information please e-mail Robert Greer, Neighborhood Initiatives Director


Many people work quietly to prevent alcohol and other drug problems in this community. They often do so with few resources, but manage to get remarkable results. It is these people the Coalition seeks to recognize through the Community Service Awards at a banquet held in October. Anyone may place an individual or group who lives/works in Forsyth County, NC in nomination. For more information please e-mail


The Coalition provides speakers on a variety of AOD related topics. Interesting displays are also available which can be tailored to specific issues.For more information please e-mail

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